Willow Creek Academy Charter School has sprung forth in northern Sausalito, celebrating its tenth year of existence by becoming a California distinguished school. As of this year the school has completed its gateway and is looking at other ways to enhance its facilities. This school has emerged as a community treasure owing to the perseverance and vision of the educators and parents of this exceptional community.

Under the surface of the school district’s property, there is another community treasure that waits to spring forth. In a manner not unlike its namesake school a decade earlier, Willow Creek itself churns and fidgets every day of the year beneath the surface, yearning to return to productivity in its rightful place in the sun. Willow Creek is a year-round brook, a rare gift of perennial fresh water from constant coastal fog condensed on the high ridge of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). This water has been constrained to corrugated metal pipe beneath asphalt, concrete and lawn, an antiquated and stark vision of how water should move in the urban landscape.

Water is life, life water. Willow Creek is a free-flowing stream capable of growing life through the center of the school district’s property and the City itself. It can grow and sustain a special mix of living things known as the riparian ecosystem, rife with fluttering and wriggling, color and sound, trickling and winkling, and above all, wonder. People have always gathered at the water’s edge. Putting Willow Creek back in Willow Creek Academy will gather together the people of the school and the greater community.

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