Mission & Vision

Willow Creek is a hidden treasure that could be daylighted through Sausalito from Hwy. 101 to the Bay, including the Willow Creek Academy school campus, Sausalito’s corporation yard, and the dilapidated shipyard. We can’t realize this vision, to nurture and re-create Willow Creek, without your help! Become a friend of the creek.


The Friends of Willow Creek, Sausalito, was created to assist the community of Sausalito in making improvements to the perennial Willow Creek watercourse to realize its full potential as a natural stream with flowing water year-round from its headwaters in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area to its mouth at Richardson’s Bay, by restoring, enhancing, and maintaining a community asset for education and scenic enjoyment for generations to come.

A year-round flowing stream is a treasure in the San Francisco Bay Area, one that should not be entombed in concrete, metal and asphalt as if it is something to be feared or managed, but one that should be liberated into a properly designed, dynamic riverine and estuarine channel, as something to be cherished and allowed to grow and flourish as a natural resource and community gathering place. The sights and sounds of Willow Creek have been mostly lost to the residents, businesses and students of its watershed and yearn to be seen and heard anew.