Friends of Willow Creek Celebrates a Decade of Stewardship and Advocacy

This year Friends of Willow Creek celebrated our 10-year anniversary as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental education and creek resources of Sausalito.

For those of you that toiled for hours pulling out weeds and planting native plants at the creek and on the campus, we have good news to share. Through partnerships with the City and the School District, we are gaining support and making progress in having Willow Creek restored above ground on the campus at 636 Nevada Street in Sausalito and beyond. But we are still a long way from realizing our goal. Community support is critical for such investment and construction, and we hope you have a chance to voice your support to the Sausalito Marin City Shcool District and the City of Sausalito in public forums that are coming up. Together we can realize our shared vision of daylighted creek, our creek,Willow Creek.