From the Darkness Into the Light

Friends of Willow Creek, in Sausalito, is celebrating 13 years of stewardship and advocacy for “creek daylighting”, which is the conversion of buried pipes that convey former streams to above-ground, vegetated channels.  Daylighting creeks is a complex, expensive and uncommon undertaking, as the Friends have learned, and requires patient planning, outreach, and partnership-building over a sustained period of time.  One of the reasons creeks were buried in Sausalito and mostly forgotten was to make room for buildings, streets and yards, …

Week of the Creek

Week of the Creek

In the span of nine days in 2023, a buried perennial creek in Sausalito went from being twice forgotten to having a fighting chance to be reborn into the community.  

Of the six creeks in the City that have been buried, Willow Creek is the one creek that could be restored from its headwaters to the Bay.  Voters passed Measure P in 2020, authorizing a general obligation bond of $41 Million for school reconstruction by the Sausalito Marin City School …

Landmark Accomplishment – Willow Creek Signage!

Landmark Accomplishment – Willow Creek Signage!

Friends of Willow Creek worked with Sausalito Beautiful and the City Public Works to replace the fence creek crossing along Bridgeway with a new decorative fence and beautiful sign denoting Willow Creek. The new sign plays a critical role in raising public awareness of this natural resource in the City.  This is a landmark accomplishment of our group, a permanent reminder to our community of the living creek we still have to protect and restore.  And a positive remembrance of …

Friends of Willow Creek Celebrates a Decade of Stewardship and Advocacy

This year Friends of Willow Creek celebrated our 10-year anniversary as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental education and creek resources of Sausalito.

For those of you that toiled for hours pulling out weeds and planting native plants at the creek and on the campus, we have good news to share. Through partnerships with the City and the School District, we are gaining support and making progress in having Willow Creek restored above ground on the campus at 636 …

Lennox Foundation Grant for Creek Daylighting on Willow Creek Academy Campus

This winter the Friends worked extra hard to apply for large private and public grants to make creek restoration on the Willow Creek Academy (WCA) campus a reality.   Board member Emily Schmidt was a sponsor for our application to the Lennox Foundation to design a daylighted creek in the upper campus, and remove the non-native eucalyptus trees to accommodate the restoration.  Also included is design of an outdoor classroom to accompany what would be a new, ¼-acre size outdoor laboratory …

Friends of Willow Creek Celebrates 6th Anniversary

March 31st, 2017 Marks the Sixth Anniversary of Friends of the Creek

Today marks our 6th anniversary as a 501c3 nonprofit, as we were established on March 31, 2011, in anticipation of Earth Day that year when we cleared the Nevada and Bridgeway Willow Grove site for the first time.   Since then, we’ve not looked back, taking advantage of the great opportunity we have to create stewardship of this Creek by the Willow Creek Academy public school and the

Happy New Year!

Happy new year!   The Friends Of The Creek are keeping busy advancing the prospect of daylighting the creek through Sausalito, but also building partnerships around stewardship in the watershed, and supporting the teachers of the local public school in environmental, experiential education.  Recent success in the City to protect the Lincoln-Butte open space next to Willow Creek’s neighboring creek to the north, spearheaded by the local group Open Space Sausalito, bodes well for our goals of restoring creeks, beyond just …

School District Bond Resolution Passed:  $500,000 for drainage improvements and creek restoration!

On August 2 the Sausalito Marin City School Board passed a resolution to include $500,000 in funding for drainage improvements and creek restoration in the upcoming  bond measure. The Willow Creek Daylighting Project is now officially part of the proposed measure that goes before voters on Tuesday, November 8. The Friends of Willow Creek, Sausalito will raise an additional $2 Million in matching grants and donations to complete the project from “boundary to boundary” through the entire school campus. This …

Willow Creek has Exceptional Water Quality for an Urban Creek – Aquatic Insects

During the holiday break, Professor Matthew Cover of Cal State Stanislaus joined Friends of the Creek, Chair, Steve Moore to sampled benthic macroinvertebrates (i.e., aquatic insects & other critters) from the stream bed on the Willow Grove site.  The population of insects that live in streams indicate the level of water quality.  If there is a lot of pollution or concrete channelization, the creatures that live in the stream are less pollution sensitive, like earthworms and midges.   Conversely, if the …

Friends of the Creek – September 2014 Newsletter

Friends of Willow Creek (of Sausalito),

Happy new (school) year!  For the friends, that means fall work parties to take care of the creek at Willow Grove!

Fall Community Cleanup Events at Willow Grove, Corner of Nevada St. and Bridgeway

Saturday September 27, 9:00 – 11:00 A.M., end of summer weeding and watering of recently cleared/planted areas, tour of site for new parents at Willow Creek Academy before Parent Council Barbecue & Book Fair up on campus.  At Earth Day …

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